Introducing Phineas Clemente

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting my short story “How to go from America’s Most Wanted to President and Still Get the Girl!”. It’s not going to be micro-flash fiction like my first go round; more like 250-500 words. That’s my average length on a blog post. No pictures or videos will accompany these posts as they did with Shadow Falls. I’d much rather you come up with your own interpretation, it’ll be more interesting that way. Also, I’ll be posting it on a page. I figure that way I can just keep adding to it as I go along.

“How To” will follow the travails of Phineas Clemente, a forty something guy whose well meaning nature is usually rewarded with some manner of shit storm or other. But he keeps on keeping on cause he’s certain there’s a better place for him somewhere out there despite all evidence to the contrary.

In his latest catastrophe, Phineas’s dalliance with a Femme Fatale lands him in hot water with the Feds. After which he must channel his inner MacGyver or risk spending the rest of his days with terrorist bunkmates. From there it really gets stupid.

The story has nothing to do with baseball, but the names are all about it. I borrowed Phineas from Ernest Thayer, who penned “Casey at the Bat” under that psuedonym. Clemente is an ode to the late, great Roberto Clemente of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Sooooo, starting tomorrow . . . The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single schlep.

(Okay, one vid. It’s his anthem, unofficially speaking.)


9 thoughts on “Introducing Phineas Clemente

  1. I’m glad I was brought here by August’s Pimp and Promote party. You were promoted over there and should see the lovely things that were said about your blog. I’m totally subscribed.

  2. Hey Fantasy! The story is being told in the tab located at the top of this page. I did it that way so that I could add to it more easily. Sorry for the confustion.

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